October 17, 2020 STU

Today: Sign up for a virtual immersion

What does “immersion” mean? It means immersing ourselves in the lives of the people we encounter. While we can’t travel there to get the full picture, we can still have this encounter through meeting people and hearing their stories. This January, JCU Campus Ministry is virtually traveling to El Salvador and Los Angeles, and we want you with us! Come join our host partners Crispaz and Tomi Korsa with Dolores Mission in L.A. We will offer optional 1-credit courses (pass/fail) for both Immersions in the Spring semester for those wanting course credit. AR 160.

El Salvador
The El Salvador Virtual Immersion will feature a 1.5-hour session in the morning and one in the afternoon for five days. Together we’ll explore El Salvador’s history of the Civil War, politics, migration, and daily life. Come journey with us and build friendships with those in El Salvador! Cost: $25. In collaboration with Crispaz. Dates are January 11-15th, 2020.

Boyle Heights
Do you love Fr. Greg Boyle and his book Tattoos on the Heart? If so this Immersion is the perfect 4-day experience to help you dive deeper into the life, work, and community of Boyle Heights, home of Dolores Mission Church in Los Angeles.

Dolores Mission addresses social injustices within the Boyle Heights community, a largely Latino community comprised of immigrant families. The community and its partners continue to navigate gang violence and homelessness on a daily basis. This Immersion is Jan. 10-13, 2021 and includes an opening Mass and three 2-hour sessions. Cost: $25. Learn more about Dolores Mission.

Applications are due Sunday Oct. 18 by 11:59pm.