October 19, 2020 FAC/STAFF

Staff Council Presents Wellness Wednesdays: How to Build Resilience

Some people seem to bounce back from negative life events, others do not. What enables them to adapt so well? Resilience. Resilience is a natural quality that happens when life knocks you down. This session gives you practical daily steps to live resiliently. We all can cultivate resilience to help get back up after a stressful live event.

Date: Wednesday, October 21st at 2:00 p.m.
Zoom Link: https://johncarrolluniversity.zoom.us/j/95786355880
Featuring Sandra D. Bishop. Learn more about Sandra below.

Join your colleagues for this Wellness Wednesday session on resilience featuring Sandra D. Bishop. Sandra has been providing corporate, community and continuing education speaking and facilitation services for over 20 years. She currently serves as the secretary of Greater Cleveland Association of Black Journalists, is an active member of the Diversity Committee of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, is the spiritual leader and primary facilitator for her church Agape Renaissance Spiritual Center in Cleveland and is a nationally sought after public speaker for numerous organizations.

We look forward to seeing you there!