December 1, 2020 ALL

Funding Opportunity for Social Impact Ideas

The Clinton Global Initiative University is looking for college students committed to social impact to join its next cohort! Founded by President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, CGI U’s yearlong program gives students access to a social impact curriculum, topic experts, funding streams, engagement events, and a global community of young leaders who are turning ideas into action.

Any JCU student can apply with a Commitment to Action (CTA) by January 15, 2021: The application process is quite rigorous, so get started today!

A CTA is a positive and effective social impact project that is new, specific, and measurable. These initiatives can be small or large, local or global, financial, or non-monetary in nature. Commitments can be made by individuals or groups, can cover a broad range of concerns, and geographic scopes, and may take many forms. The CTA is an opportunity to translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results. A commitment should be new in either concept or application. If a commitment is an expansion of an existing effort, consider focusing on a different geographic area, working with new partners, or shifting the focus or scope of the initiative.

This is not a light lift or a small commitment, but it is a transformational opportunity for students interested in social impact. For further information contact Doan Winkel in the Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship at