January 7, 2021 FAC/STAFF

Today: IT Training Opportunities for Faculty

Our training sessions are focused on providing JCU staff and faculty with the skills and knowledge to better serve our students, conduct business in the community, and improve IT knowledge. Visit our website for more information: jcu.edu/its/training

Sessions offered this month:

Canvas (Learning Management System)
* Canvas Course Setup
* Using Gradebook Effectively
* LearnIT: Creating Lecture Videos using Canvas Studio

Google Applications
* Deep Dive into the Hangouts Chat – A messaging platform built for teams/collaboration
* Google slides: Enhancing your presentation
* Get Productive with Google’s Digital Tools

Microsoft Office Suite
* Creating Videos with PowerPoints for Canvas (Beginner)

Other Sessions
* Hyflex‌ ‌Classroom Training
* Tips to Enhance Your JCU Zoom Meetings
* LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor

To register for any of these sessions and more, please visit the ITS Training website: jcu.edu/its/training
Zoom Office Hours

Got questions about Canvas, Lockdown Browser, Google, or any other tool? A technologist will be available for short, individual zoom-in consultations. We can provide on-the-spot answers, advice, or referrals to other resources and training.

Click on the link to sign up for the 30 minutes slot: https://bit.ly/openzoomhours

For all other inquiries regarding these workshops, please email training@jcu.edu.