January 15, 2021 FAC/STAFF

Two important announcements for Spring 2021 instructors

Instructors, please note two important changes for the Spring 2021 semester:

1) Due to new space and staffing limitations, Student Accessibility Services will no longer be offering exam proctoring services. Instructors should make arrangements to provide accommodations and the appropriate testing environment as specified in the student’s Letter of Accommodation. If an exam is being administered online, a student’s accommodations can typically be met using Canvas settings. (Please visit this link for guidance on extending the time in Canvas: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Instructor-Guide/Once-I-publish-a-timed-quiz-how-can-I-give-my-students-extra/ta-p/999). If you need assistance or have questions about how to set up extra time on a Canvas exam, contact Jay Tarby at tarby@jcu.edu. Please refer to the student’s letter of accommodation for specific exam accommodations provided for the student.

If a student requires assistive technology and/or specialized equipment for testing accommodations, if you have questions regarding a specific student’s testing accommodations, or if you have questions about accommodations in general, please contact sas@jcu.edu for guidance.

2) Our university Syllabus Statement on Accessibility, Inclusion, Harassment and Bias has been updated. It can be found at this link: https://jcu.edu/about-us/values-and-jesuit-tradition/diversity/inclusive-excellence/syllabus-statement. Please remember that instructors are required to include this statement in all course syllabi. For courses posted to the Canvas learning management system, the updated statement is automatically incorporated into the “Learner Support” tab for all student users. Any questions about the syllabus statement can be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at diversity@jcu.edu.