January 20, 2021 FAC/STAFF

Do you know students looking for a resume-building on-campus job?

The Carroll Fund Call Center is hiring! Student Callers work as university fundraisers, ambassadors, and researchers, contacting alumni and parents.

This is a GREAT resume-builder and gives students work experience that is valuable to employers post-graduation. While callers come from all majors, the position is an ideal resume-builder for Business, Marketing, IMC & Communications majors. So if you know students looking to develop their communications and sales skills, let them know about the Call Center.

Required Job Skills & Qualifications:
1. Excellent communication skills
2. Ability to represent JCU in a professional, and positive manner
4. Ability to work effectively in a team environment

The position is now posted in Handshake and students can also reach out to Amanda Hill at ahill@jcu.edu for more information.