January 21, 2021 STU

Gain Hands-On Entrepreneurial Experience

Join the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization: https://forms.gle/BiEXgs4879V2VSDj9

Part of the entrepreneurial experience is developing, organizing, and operating your own venture to solve a problem or fill a need. With our chapter structure focused on a chapter-wide common goal, our members will have a direct influence on the outcome of the common mission. This sense of ownership and influence is a small taste of a potential entrepreneurial future. On a regular basis, members of CEO tackle administrative, financial, and operational challenges in order to further develop their mission. Throughout our members’ tenure with CEO, they develop essential leadership, innovation, and communication skills to further their entrepreneurial careers.

For further information, contact Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship Director Doan Winkel at dwinkel@jcu.edu or 309-750-5696