January 21, 2021 ALL

Today: University Counseling Center Services-Spring, 2021

JCU’s Counseling Center continues to provide tele-therapy services as the 2021 Spring semester begins. This decision was made to prioritize the health and safety of the JCU community, and because research shows that tele-therapy services are equally as effective as in-person therapy services.

How does a student connect with the Counseling Center?

The Counseling Center is typically able to provide a student’s initial appointment on the same day the student first contacts the center. To schedule an appointment: call 216-397-4283, go to our website at jcu.edu/counselingcenter and click on the “online portal” to request an appointment online, or stop by the front desk.

What are the Counseling Center’s Services?

All students currently residing in the state of Ohio are eligible for ongoing counseling and psychiatry appointments from our center. Our Counseling Center staff also has temporary licensure in several states to serve most out-of-state JCU students, so no matter where you reside this semester, please contact the front desk at 216-397-4283 to determine if you are eligible for ongoing services. If an out-of-state student is not eligible for ongoing services due to licensing restrictions in their state, the Counseling Center will provide them with at least one consultation with one of our therapists, and will work with the student to help them connect with a provider local to them.

The following services are available to all students, no matter your current state of residence:

Let’s Talk: virtual drop-in consultations with a therapist on Mondays from 3-4 p.m. and Wednesdays from 2-3 p.m. These are not ongoing counseling appointments, and they do not require an appointment or paperwork. Visit the Counseling Center website and click on the “Let’s Talk” page to learn more.

TAO – Online Guided Self-Help Modules: TAO (Therapy Assistance Online) is an online platform that provides guided, evidence-based, interactive self-help modules and tools to address a number of common college student concerns including depression, general anxiety, social anxiety, and substance use. TAO can be used as a supplement to counseling, or an alternative to counseling.

Have questions about how the Counseling Center can support you? Don’t hesitate to call 216-397-4283 or e-mail counselingcenter@jcu.edu.