February 10, 2021 STU

Today: Attention student orgs! Meet the Peer Success Advisors!

Hey student organization presidents!

The Academic Success Center wants to introduce ourselves! Staff members Ed Mish and Lisa Ramsey serve as Academic Success Advisors, providing academic assistance to students who are struggling or who have questions. Contact them for one-on-one coaching meetings via our department website.

Ed and Lisa are now joined by us — five student Peer Success Advisors (PSAs) — and we are excited to meet you! We PSAs are working in a newly created role on campus. Here is a little bit about what we do:

Academic Coaching – Join us on zoom for one-on-one academic coaching with a PSA. See schedule below for the schedule or look us up via the Learning Commons:
Mondays 11am – 1pm; 2pm – 6pm
Tuesdays 2pm – 8pm
Wednesdays 11am – 8pm
Thursdays 2pm – 8pm
Fridays 11am – 1pm; 2pm – 3pm

Workshop Presentations – We can come to your student organization meeting! We can present on topics like time management/organization skills, test preparation, bouncing back from a bad test grade or assignment, and more! Let us know what your org needs!

Program Collaboration – Got an idea for a cool collaboration? Chat with us on how to partner with you!

Come say hi to us in our Zoom room anytime or let us know how we can help your organization! Email us at academicsuccess@jcu.edu

See you soon!
Madison Bohacek, Shannon Callaghan, Ali Horner, Aislyn McQueen, and Adam Okuley
Peer Success Advisor Team