February 16, 2021 FAC/STAFF

Today: Update for JCU Mail Center Services

The JCU Mail Center has had many changes over this past year. We are currently still hiring students to help with the volume of packages and mail that the university receives on a daily basis. At present, there are new hours for the operation for in person transactions. This is to help with Covid-19 and to limit in the person encounters and transactions.

The JCU Students are receiving emails from both Pack City and /or Package X. These are new systems and provide on- campus students notifications via email for their student mail and packages. Pack City is a self serve unit that provides the end user with an email containing the information needed to retrieve their packages. Package X provides emails to students for their student mail and over-sized packages. Package X does require in person pick up at the JCU Mail Center counter.

John Carroll Offices and Departments are not the audience for these systems. We have hired some student workers for this part of the process. We are creating the routes for service to offices and departments. The plan is to refine this process next week and start the deliveries on Monday February 22nd. We will deliver to the offices and departments that have a presence with staff on campus. The goal is a once a day service but at this time there are many factors that can interrupt this. The service will be either mornings or afternoons but not both. The student staffing and their academic schedules will determine the route and delivery times.

As the weather is looking frigid for this coming week, we are limiting the times the staff and students are outside. If you have immediate needs for services, please contact the JCU Mail Center directly at 216-397-4680 to arrange. The JCU Mail Center has limited staff but we are always available to try to help with your mail and package needs.

JCU Mail Center