February 17, 2021 ALL

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday, a holy day of opportunity for Catholics. We will be celebrating together as part of our daily Mass in Saint Francis Chapel at 12:05pm. Due to COVID safety concerns, we will be operating at limited capacity; please reserve your spot for our 12:05 Mass using this link (https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c4eacaa2ba7f4c70-ashwednesday). Once we reach capacity, and for those who feel more comfortable virtually, we invite you to join us by watching the live-stream on our Campus Ministry YouTube channel.

In addition, we will have ministers in Saint Francis Chapel from 1-3pm to distribute ashes to anyone who would like them. Church of the Gesu is also having Masses at 7:30am, 12pm, and 7pm ET, as well as walk-up times to receive ashes from 7-7:30am as well as 5-6:30pm outside the exit to the Gesu parking lot.

During all Masses this Ash Wednesday, the priest will bless the ashes before distributing them by silently sprinkling them on your head rather than creating the sign of the cross and reciting a blessing (fun fact: this is actually the customary practice at the Vatican and in Italy!). Churches around the world are following these protocols in order to be as safe as possible during this ritual. As a reminder, there is no requirement to physically receive ashes.