February 21, 2021 ALL

Today: Campus Clear and the Library

This is just a reminder that all students, staff, and faculty are required to show their Campus Clear “good to go” to enter the library. We are only one of the places on campus that is a designated Campus Clear check point, however, since many faculty and staff in particular use the library, we thought this reminder might be helpful.

You will not be able to enter the library without showing Campus Clear, so please fill out the symptom check in advance and show this at the Campus Clear check in table in the lobby.

For more information about accessing the daily symptom assessment through Campus Clear, please refer to this site https://jcu.edu/2021-plan. Campus Clear is also accessible as a bookmarked weblink (https://www.campusclear.com) if you cannot download an app to your phone. Questions? Please contact the Covid-19 Task Force, Michelle Millet (mmillet@jcu.edu), or Amy Wainwright (awainwright@jcu.edu).