March 8, 2021 ALL

JCU AmeriCorps – Now Accepting Applications

The John Carroll University Corps for Rural and Urban Success and Health is looking for new faces! We need new members ready to influence meaningful change in community health and help students address the needs of their rural and urban communities. Do you think you have what we’re looking for? Apply today!

Are you a current or soon-to-be college graduate looking for an excellent gap year experience? Are you a current student looking for a full-time or part-time opportunity? Are you passionate and driven to impact healthcare or education?

What benefits will you receive from serving in the JCU AmeriCorps program?
1. A living allowance of up to $15,100
2. A Segal Educaton Award that may be used towards education expenses or student loans.
3. Ohio Board of Nursing certification as a Community Health Worker

Make a difference and submit a cover letter and resume to Anita Iveljic ( to apply.