March 8, 2021 ALL

Tonight: Classics Career Networking Event

Why study Classics and Classical languages? Want to know how to boost your career potential and earning power? Join the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures for a virtual networking session March 8 (tonight!) at 7:00pm. We have invited John Carroll graduates to share their stories of how their Classics education has given them advantages in their post-graduate career and educational pursuits.
This is a great opportunity to connect with JCU grads in fields you may be interested in. Our alumni guests are ready to discuss how they combined Classics with other academic interests, and how the skills acquired through the study of Classics can open career and educational pathways.
If you didn’t get a Zoom link already, please email
Alumni participating tonight include:
Joselyn ’11, Manager of Advancement Services at Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh; Classics major, Business minor

Colleen ’15, Attorney at FGKS Law; Double major in Classics and History, minor in Catholic Studies

Mike ’17, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister at Cleveland Central Catholic High School; Double major in Classics and Philosophy

Matthew ’15, Latin Teacher at Trinity High School (Lancaster, PA); Double major in Classics and Philosophy