March 18, 2021 STU

Immigration Awareness Week

During Immigration Awareness Week, there will be events that include: speakers over Zoom who will share different perspectives and experiences to inform people about the issue of immigration; a student panel over Zoom with JCU students who have had experience learning about/working with the issue of immigration (immersions to the U.S. Mexico Border, Ignatian Teach-In for Justice, ISN); different opportunities for students to write to government officials and policy-makers in an effort to advocate for immigration reform; a documentary/movie showing; and a “what’s next” discussion to prepare people to move forward with a continued mindset of advocacy and action for immigration reform. We hope to have different themes throughout the week (ex. immigration & healthcare, immigration and the criminal justice system, immigration and poverty) to help people recognize that injustice in the immigration system impacts many areas of society and a person’s life.

Immigration Awareness Week is from March 22nd to March 26th.

Immigration Awareness Week Flyer:

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