April 12, 2021 ALL

Today: Tents on Campus

We are excited to offer 3 outdoor tents on campus through the end of June! Tents are located in the Belvoir Lot, the Keller Commons, and the Rodman Terrace. The tents are open and a great place for students and the community to gather, study, and eat outside.

If you are interested in reserving a tent for a meeting, program, or end of the year event, the tents are listed in the JCU SpaceFinder system under the JCU Grounds building. Tents can be reserved after 5:00 pm on weekdays and throughout the day on the weekends.

Current outdoor restrictions allow more people to gather at distance with groups of no more than 10 together. Masks are still strongly encouraged when distance cannot be maintained. Outdoors allows more people to use space and open air. The Belvoir lot tent will have the most capacity and currently has 15 tables for 75 people.

For more information on how to reserve the tents for your programs, contact Rory Hill at 397-3015 or rhill@jcu.edu.