April 13, 2021 ALL

Download the Nod App!

As the world continues to cope with the challenges of COVID-19, we know that forming and maintaining social connections is more challenging than ever.

To help strengthen our existing relationships, and create new ones, we are partnering with Nod, a research-backed app for students that taps into positive psychology and the science of social connections to help you build the friendships you want and need. Nod is not a social media app, but is all about helping you achieve your social goals in real life. In student words… “Nod allows me to think of ways to interact with people that I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own. It opens more opportunities for me.”

So, how does it work?
1. Download Nod on your cell phone and create a confidential account using single sign on. https://nodapp.app.link/aVwC6vYJq9
2. Explore ideas, reflections and testimonials

For a quick overview, you can also watch this short video.

if you have any questions, email wellness@jcu.edu