April 15, 2021 ALL

JCU Theater presents: “A Virtual Whodunnit”

Who killed Augustus Sterling?
Augustus Sterling is hosting a Zoom meeting with his children, third wife, and closest staff to celebrate his birthday. The bitter billionaire is bullying everyone once again and threatening to change his will when—ZZZZZT! Sterling is electrocuted through his phone. Enter Sloan, Rockford Sloan, homicide detective. It’s up to our brave detective AND the audience to find the killer. With three possible endings, every performance means you’ll never be sure whodunnit.
Let us know if you will be attending the Thursday April 15th or Friday April 16th performance by emailing whodunnitjcu@gmail.com! All performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. and are hosted via Zoom!
Enjoy the show!

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