April 20, 2021 ALL

Administrative Policy Under Review

The University Committee on Administrative Policies has posted a new policy for review, the Name Usage Policy.

Names are important and the existence of only legal names in data systems creates a situation where many members of the community (including those who use a middle name, nickname, or an English/American name) are not addressed by their preferred names. Usage of a preferred name is a basic means of demonstrating respect for others. Making a change to systems requires transparency with the community about which systems will use which names. Inclusion of pronouns is a part of the same functionality that enables the use of preferred names; inclusion of pronouns as part of a person’s identity is increasingly common and will also benefit all members of our community.

We invite the campus community to comment on the policy proposal at https://jcu.edu/university-committees/ucadp/ucadp-polices-review

The committee will review all comments at an upcoming meeting. Responses will be sent to respondents who sign their comments. Responses to anonymous comments are posted with committee minutes on the UCAdP website. The thirty-day comment period is open until May 16, 2020. Questions regarding the posting of comments may be directed to the committee chairs at Todd Bruce, rbruce@jcu.edu, or Steve Herbert, herbert@jcu.edu