April 27, 2021 STU

Today: SENIORS~ODE to JCU 2021

Do you want to share part of your JCU story?
Share a special aspect of your JCU experience with us by submitting an ODE to JCU for the Class of 2021! Your submissions are due by April 28th!

What is ODE to JCU?

An ode is a lyrical poem that addresses a particular subject. For ODE to JCU we are looking for you to write a poem, paragraph, a stream of consciousness, sentence, or whatever makes sense to you. The subject of this ode is up to you – could be to your freshman dorm, a specific class, a teacher or friend, a conversation, an activity you did on campus, an event, sports jersey number, whatever sticks out to you in your time at Carroll, big or small.

What is the purpose of ODE to JCU?
The primary goal of ODE to JCU is to give seniors a platform to tell their stories and to get to know their classmates one final time. The ODEs will be shared via our Instagram profile and displayed throughout Commencement weekend.

How do I submit an ODE?
To submit your ODE please use one of the templates provided following all the specific directions in regard to font, font size, and spacing. Be sure to proofread before for spelling and grammar errors. Then fill out the Google Form and attach your PPT slide.

Please keep in mind that these ODEs will be shared in a formal setting throughout Commencement Weekend.

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Questions? Contact Morgan Jochum, Sydney Booth, or Maggie Sestak