May 23, 2021 ALL

Today: Summer Construction Projects

The Facilities Dept. will be managing a group of deferred maintenance construction projects this summer, plus several donor funded projects. A few key projects are noted below; a full list will be posted to the Facilities Dept. website in the next couple of weeks.

– Dolan Hall Renovation & Addition: Dolan Hall will be closed for a full renovation and a new addition starting 5/24; the building will reopen in July, 2022.
– Tennis Courts: The new tennis courts and support building will be constructed starting 5/17 with a completion anticipated at the end of October.
– Dolan Science Center Electrical Shutdown – The electric will be shut down in Dolan the week of 5/24 in order to replace the main switchgear.
– Library Elevator: A new elevator will be constructed in the Library starting 5/24; completion will be in early October.
– Library Entry Waterproofing: The plaza pavers at the Library entry will be removed/replaced in sections for waterproofing below during the month of June. This will also entail an electrical shut down at the Library the week of 6/14.
– Pool Deck Floor Replacement: The Natatorium pool deck flooring will be replaced this summer; the pool will be closed starting 6/28 through the end of July.
– DeCarlo Gym Painting: The DeCarlo Varsity Gym and surrounding corridors will be painted in July; the Gym will be closed the last (2) weeks of July.
– Dolan Science Center Facade Maintenance: Caulk replacement and water repellent application will occur on the Dolan south and east facades from 5/24 – 8/6.
– Administration Complex Emergency Lighting: Emergency lighting replacement will occur in common areas of the Admin Bldg, B-Wing, and Boler from 5/24 – 8/6.
– Boler Fire Alarm: The Boler College fire alarm will be upgraded in June & July.

Please contact Rose Giallanza (x6859) or Scott Ulrich (x4313) in Facilities with any questions.

Thank you.