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Today: Graduate Students: Apply to Graduate in 2022

Graduate Students:

The fall 2021, spring 2022, and summer 2022 graduation applications are now available online. If you plan to graduate after the fall 2021, spring 2022, or summer 2022 semester, you must submit an online application in order to be considered for graduation. Please note that the $200 graduation fee will be assessed to your student account for the term in which you apply to graduate.

You can find the graduation application by logging into your Student Profile (at https://banner.jcu.edu/) and then clicking on “Apply for Graduation” under the Additional Links menu on the left side of the screen.
If you need assistance logging into your Student Profile or resetting your password, contact the ITS Service Desk at servicedesk@jcu.edu.

Please read the application’s directions carefully, and **choose your graduation term based on when you will be taking your last class**. You can only submit the application once.

You will want to make sure to submit your 2022 graduation application before the appropriate deadline below. Students who apply after the deadline will be assessed an additional $25 late fee.
–The DEADLINE to apply for fall 2021 graduation application deadline: the
the second Monday of July (July 12, 2021),
–The DEADLINE to apply for spring 2022 graduation application deadline:
fourth Monday of November (Nov 22, 2021),
–The DEADLINE to apply for summer 2022 graduation application deadline: February 15, 2022.

Please contact your advisor if you have questions about your graduation date or requirements.

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