July 11, 2021 STU

Today: Innovation/STEM Summer Day Camp for $15/Hr

We are looking for 3 students, to work on JCU campus at the Verizon Innovative Learning summer day camp. Apply through Handshake for job #4855399 today!

Students are needed 10 hours the week of 7/5/21, then M-F 8-3 from 7/12 – 7/30. $15/hour

Students will work with teachers and event planners to help facilitate a summer day-camp for 100 middle school students learning about various technology (3D printing, electricity/circuitry, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc).

Duties and Responsibilities:
Assist teachers in guiding students through summer camp experiential learning activities (1 teacher and 1 student facilitator per room of 25 middle school students)
Attends program training and meetings as assigned.

Please contact Doan Winkel at dwinkel@jcu.edu for more information