July 21, 2021 STU

Short Story Submissions – Philosophy Debates for Kids

The JCU Department of Philosophy would like to invite short story submissions from JCU undergraduate and graduate students. They are for a collection called–
Philosophy Debates for Kids:
Thought Experiments that Raise Issues for Taking Sides
It will be published by Royal Fireworks Press in 2022.
Stories should be approximately 500 words, followed by a set of five or six discussion questions. The target audience is middle school students. Your story must be titled with a philosophical question. The Deadline for submission is August 15, 2021. Multiple submissions welcome. Possible philosophical questions: Is free will real or just an illusion? Is there a meaning to life? If so, what is it? Where is the line between art and not art? What does it mean to live a good life? Why do we dream? Please send your submission and/or questions to Sharon Kaye at skaye@jcu.edu.