August 29, 2021 STU

Today: Mail and Package Information

Welcome Back, below is information about package and mail pick up to help you transition into on campus living. If you have any further question, email us at
John Carroll University now has 2 Pack City Parcel Locker Locations:
The Pack City Blue Lockers are located on the ground floor of the Administration Building next to AD 7
The Pack City Gold Lockers are located on the ground floor of the Administration building, across from AD 4 and behind Einsteins
Please read your notification email carefully, it will specify which (Blue or Gold) locker your package is in.
The John Carroll University Mail Center utilizes Package X for tracking and notification of all student letter mail and for any packages that are not placed in the Pack City Lockers.
When the Mail Center receives letter mail (and packages that can not be placed into the parcel lockers) we will take a picture of the item, Package X will then send an email (with the picture) to the recipient. Once the email has been received by the recipient, they can then proceed to the Mail Center to pick up their item during our open window hours (Monday- Friday 9:00am-11:30am, and 1:30pm-3:30pm). We will ask to see the email they received from Package X and/or Carroll Card to confirm the recipient’s identity.
Package Notifications:
When you receive a notification from a shipper or delivery agent stating that your package has been delivered, it does not necessarily mean that your package has been received or processed by the Mail Center at that time. Please wait until you receive a notification from Pack City, Package X, or, before proceeding to the Mail Center. If it has been more than 48 hours since you package should have arrived, and you have not received a notification from one of the above sources, please email the Mail Center ( ) and provide us with the tracking number for your package, so we can help you to locate your package.
Please note that at this time the Mail Center does not accept packages on Saturday, Sunday, or during any campus wide closure (holiday or emergency) any packages scheduled for delivery on these days will be delivered to the Mail Center the next business day.