September 14, 2021 ALL

DINING: GET App Technical Difficulties

We understand that there have been some difficulties with the GET mobile food app. We reached out to the app’s support team and they said that this is a widespread issue. Here are some solutions:
1. An app update is happening on the 15th, which should fix the forever-loading blue screen.
2. Until then, the temporary fix is to delete the app and redownload it.
3. If that still doesn’t work or you don’t want to do that, there is a link in our Instagram bio for the desktop version.
4. Go to your settings and search for the “GET” mobile app. Turn off your face ID so that when you go to the app, it will ask for your pin instead of using your face ID which will lead you to the forever-loading blue screen.

Thank you for cooperating with us! Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.