September 19, 2021 STU

Ireland Peacebuilding Program Trip 2022

Join us at 7pm on Tuesday, September 21st, in O’Malley 212 to learn more about the Ireland Peacebuilding Program Trip in 2022!
To join the trip, register for EN267 Irish Literature. We will study about the conflict and peace process in Northern Ireland. At the end of the semester, we will spend two weeks during May in Ireland, meeting people who were part of the conflict and the peace process.
Learn more here:
“The program changed my life immensely. It not only changed the way that I view conflict and forgiveness, but made me realize the true blessings in my family and in my own life. It allowed me to connect to another culture, and take what I learned from them and their restorative process back to the U.S.”
For questions, please email Dr. Philip Metres at