September 29, 2021 ALL

Auditions for Fall Theatre Productions

The Fall Theatre Auditions are here! These are one-act comedies by JCU alums.

Auditions: Saturday, October 2 from 6-8PM AND Sunday, October 3 from 2-5PM in Marinello Little Theatre for both shows. You can come to one audition date. You do not need to prepare anything, and will be asked to read over the short scripts at the auditions.

Production Dates: November 4-7, 2021. While the rehearsals and staging will take place in Marinello Little Theatre, the performances will be taped and streamed live to a virtual audience via YouTube.
Masks are still required when inside any John Carroll building.

Weed Girls by Anna Powaski is a comedy one act following the story of eccentric stoner friends, Daisy, Victoria, and Kathryn who reluctantly live in their hometown with Victoria’s mother, Margaret, and sister, Buns. The group battles the trials of adulthood as they struggle with the reality that their lives have not turned out how they expected them to be. On top of all that, one of them finds out she can speak to the dead. The cast consists of 5 females and 1 male. Directed by Evelyn Lindrose, Class of ’21.

Dance, Danny, Dance is a comedy one act following the story of Danny Dandy, a little boy who longs to share his interpretive dance with an indifferent world. The cast consists of three males, one female, and four roles open to anyone.
Written and directed by Jack Connelly, JCU MBA student, Class of ’20.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Karen Gygli in the Department of English at