October 13, 2021 ALL

Cardoner Retreat

Please join us for the Cardoner Retreat on Oct. 22-24!

What is Cardoner? The Cardoner is a river near Manresa, Spain. It was at this river where St. Ignatius encountered God in such a way that it left him seeing all things as new – especially himself.

So, are you a seeker? Are you seeking renewal? Are you seeking deeper meaning and understanding? Are you wondering about how God communicates to us? If so, please join us with St. Ignatius by the River Cardoner for a weekend of worship, yoga, nature, journaling, art, community, meditation, bonfires and more!

This retreat is entirely planned and directed by Jenny Arnold, Arthur Bodenschatz, Bobby Boland, Caroline Bourjaily, Makayla Kampas, Anna Mialky, Kiera Reilly, and Katelyn Vargo!

Please check out our Wufoo https://johncarrolluniversity.wufoo.com/forms/r1a8duur1esdwx8/