November 9, 2021 ALL

Today: Learn About Cybersecurity and Small Business

Join us in LSC Conference Room on 11/10 to hear from ASMGi President and CEO Steven Roesing, as he shares insights on “Cybersecurity: What Can The ‘Little Guy’ Do?” (and get a FREE breakfast!)

Network with entrepreneurs and small business owners, learn about cybersecurity, and engage in a brief roundtable discussion about how cybersecurity impacts local business owners.

Mr. Roesing is currently the President and CEO of ASMGi, a global provider of technology solutions. His duties include strategic vision, corporate oversight and operational excellence. In his own words, his teams are more engineers than scientists. “Scientists invent new things, while engineers put them to use solving real world problems”. Through this lens, Mr. Roesing has architected operating models involving both proven, traditional technology, as well as emerging technologies where best-practices may not yet have matured. Most recently, Mr. Roesing has launched Practical Innovation Labs, an operating model to assist enterprises with proving use cases for IoT, Edge Computing, Advanced Analytics, and AI/ML technology solutions.


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