January 24, 2022 ALL

PwC Challenge

PwC is hosting its Challenge case competition at JCU this semester! Student teams are mentored by PwC professionals and the competition provides a great real-world experience and networking opportunities to participating students. The competition is open to all majors, but at least two members of each team must be in or applying to Boler. Students need to be in the first or second year of a 4-year program or first, second or third year of a 5-year program to be eligible. The competition kicks off on Friday, January 28, and concludes Friday, February 4.
Complete this form if you are interested in the challenge: https://pwc.recsolu.com/external/events/5OStmkNYu8_4UJCcm5s7yQ
Complete this form if you need help finding a team: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSetwleVLN-ZN8cQotNlplR1RfRoVIR8LvC-Mk6T3nZzk0HJlw/viewform.