February 20, 2022 STU

Apply to be a Student Coordinator for January 2023 Immersions

Have you ever been on an Immersion or participated in the preparation process (and your Immersion got canceled)? If so, you are encouraged to apply to be a Student Coordinator for January 2023 Immersions. Locations for January 2023 are El Salvador and Cuernavaca, Mexico. Applications are due Friday, March 4

Link to SC application https://johncarrolluniversity.wufoo.com/forms/r142zezj1yu3pjo/
Letters of recommendation are due Friday, March 11 Submit here: https://johncarrolluniversity.wufoo.com/forms/r1yz4nn20ak8q5i/ 

Email immersion@jcu.edu if you have any questions. Head to https://jcu.edu/student-life/campus-ministry/social-justice-initiatives/immersion-experiences for more information on locations.