March 15, 2022 STU

22nd Social Justice Teach-In Registration (free!)

You are invited to the 22nd annual IRTF Teach-in called “Liberation Lab: A Social Justice Teach-In on Abolition and Environmental Justice”

Date: Saturday, March 19
Time: 11am-3pm ET
Location: via zoom–You will receive zoom information after registering.

You can register for free at

At this year’s Teach-In, co-organized by the InterReligious Task Force on Central America and the Social Justice Institute at Case Western Reserve University, we will focus on topics like grief, empathy, apathy, popular education, mutual aid, direct action, and, of course, liberation. Together, we will learn about critical human rights issues, and explore questions like:

Where do wars happen and why?
What does war do to the earth?
What do imperial militaries do to the earth?
What impact do nuclear weapons have?
What is liberation?
What is hidden and maintained?

Why is it the case and what can be done about the fact that more than half of our federal tax $ go to militarism and more than half of our local tax $ (58%) goes towards policing and incarceration?

Why are we calling it the Liberation Lab: A Social Justice Teach-In on Abolition and Environmental Justice? Because in these times of crises, injustice and political stress that we are experiencing right now, we need to remember that some systems can’t be fixed; they simply need to be abolished in order for our society to be liberated. Together with you, we want to work for peace, justice and human rights to ensure that we are treating our earth and the people living on it the way that they deserve to be treated: equally, and with empathy and care for each other.

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