March 19, 2022 STU

Today: Compete in the JCU Amazing Race!

Get a few friends and attempt JCU’s Amazing Race Sunday, March 20th!

When? Sunday, March 20th @ 6PM
Where? Grasselli Library

Create a team of 3-4 people who have a diverse set of skills and abilities, because there will be a wide variety of mental and physical challenges that members of each team will compete in.

The team with the most points wins the JCU Amazing Race and an intramural champion t-shirt!!

Sign up with IMLeagues here:
** Teams that sign up with IMLeagues get additional points added to their score BUT walk-up teams will also be able to compete **

This event is also being hosted alongside the Work in Progress Challenge! By competing in the JCU Amazing Race, you qualify to be entered to win prizes through the Work in Progress Challenge.

This event is hosted by Wellness Center and Grasselli Library – contact if you have any questions.

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