April 8, 2022 STU

Learn By Doing in Entrepreneurship Courses

(Re)discover your creativity, learn how to develop your ideas, and actually run a real business. Check out our entrepreneurship courses next fall:

ER110 – Creative Problem Solving (CAPA) MWF 11-11:50
ER120 – Poverty and Social Entrepreneurship (ISJ) MW 6:30-7:15pm
ER201 – Creativity, Innovation and Idea Development
TTH 11-12:15 or 5-6:15
MWF 10-10:50 or 12-12:50

**The classes below are for students who have completed ER201**
ER301 – Entrepreneurship I TTh 12:30-1:45 or 3:30-4:45
ER304 – Social Entrepreneurship TTH 2-:315 or 6:30-7:45
ER305 – Accounting & Finance for Entrepreneurs MW 3:30-4:45

ER405 is a very special course in which students will actually run a student business in a team with other students. The timing is flexible, and the work will be hard, but they actually get experience operating a real business (the fall semester we are looking for 12 students to run the Food Buggy and a coffee business). This course doesn’t have specific meeting times as I’ll coordinate that once interested students sign up (they must reach out to me for permission).

Contact Doan Winkel at dwinkel@jcu.edu with any questions.