April 21, 2022 ALL

John Carroll University Honduras Immersion – Medication/Vitamin Drive

Among many other projects, the Honduras Immersion conducts a series of medical brigades providing health care in rural areas of Honduras. To supply these brigades we purchase and collect vitamins and other over-the-counter medications to bring with us.

As part of this effort, we are currently conducting a vitamin and medication drive. Donations are essential to our mission and are an easy way for other students to help!

If you are wondering what to donate, the single most helpful thing for you to purchase is vitamins–children’s chewable vitamins and prenatal.  We will also accept almost any over-the-counter medication including:
Acetaminophen, children’s and adult
Alcohol prep pads
Allergy medication (loratadine)
Antacids (tums, etc.)
Aspirin (81 mg)
Children’s Benadryl (liquid)
Cold medicine
Ear wax drops
Eye drops
Ibuprofen, children’s and adult
Lice shampoo
Q-Tussin (non DM cough syrup)
Triple antibiotic ointment
Zinc Oxide cream (diaper rash cream)
Vitamins, children’s, prenatal, adult (not gummies!)

Drop boxes can be found in most department offices across campus as well as in the offices for Campus Ministry, CSSA, and Pre-Health Professions!

Please contact Selena Alamir (salamir24@jcu.edu) or Patrick McGraw (pmcgraw23@jcu.edu) with any questions.