April 21, 2022 STU

Today: 2022 Seniors: Submit your ODE TODAY!

Hi, Class of 2022!

Want to get to know your fellow Blue Streaks one last time? You are invited to participate in “Ode to JCU,” a photo and written exhibit celebrating the Class of 2022! We need your help to spread the message to all seniors – your teammates, classmates, and friends!

What is “Ode to JCU?” Well, first, an Ode is a lyrical poem that addresses a particular subject.

For “Ode to JCU,” we are looking for you to write a poem, paragraph, stream of consciousness, sentence, or whatever makes sense to you. The subject of this Ode is up to you – could be to your freshman dorm, a specific class, a teacher or friend, a conversation, an activity you did on campus, an event, a sports jersey number, whatever sticks out to you in their time at Carroll, big or small.

The primary goal of “Ode to JCU” is to give seniors a platform to tell their stories and to get to know their classmates one final time. When the “Ode to JCU” exhibit is up in May, the goal is then to share with underclassmen just what JCU can be for them, to thank faculty/staff for the role they played in our experience, and for families that visit at graduation to see what JCU is all about.

We will be having our first storytelling night and writing workshop on April 20th @ 9 p.m. in the O’Malley Atrium where you can come share and brainstorm ideas and ask any questions!

Submissions are due April 22nd so submit your form today!!

If you have any questions, please let us know!


Anna Meyer, Aiden Keenan, Brady Fields, Gianna Zucker, Mary Kate Boyle, and Noelle Byrne


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