April 25, 2022 FAC/STAFF

JCU FIT Wellness Workshop

Please join us in this conversation about Health and Wellness and discover the importance of making healthy, sustainable, lifestyle changes. Why should you begin to L.I.V. NOW?

Session 1: Discover the Importance of creating a healthy lifestyle
April 26th, 8:30-9:30 a.m., Jardine Room in the LSC

Presented by: Leslie Beck, HRIS Analyst at JCU, Co-Chair of JCU FIT, and Independent Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Topics include:
What are the Reasons for Change?
What are the Barriers to Change?
Complete a Benefits and Costs Analysis for Change
Connect your Values to Health to create lasting Change

Registration is encouraged but not required. Please use the link below to register.

Contact Leslie Beck @ lbeck@jcu.edu with any questions.

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