June 9, 2022 ALL

Mass with Fr. Bernie on Wednesdays at NOON during the month of June

Join Fr. Bernie for daily mass on Wednesdays at noon in St. Francis Chapel. Campus Ministry has had requests for more mass opportunities during the summer and we would love for you to join the community.

We also know that the summer can be a hectic time. There’s a lot going on professionally but also personally. While you are reading, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that our chapels and sacred spaces on campus are great spaces for you to take a short break if you need one. Maybe you just need a space to breathe or maybe you need to light a candle for someone who is hurting (maybe you need to light a candle for yourself). Whatever the case, know that these sacred spaces are here for you as you need them. You can read more about these spaces for reflection at the link below:


Contact Fr. Bernie (bmcaniff@jcu.edu) for more details