June 28, 2022 ALL

Network Refresh in Dolan Science Center

Scheduled Maintenance: DSC Wireless Network Refresh

As you may be aware, the campus WiFi network is being refreshed this summer. The contractors are scheduled to replace the network access points in the Dolan Science Center next week beginning on Monday, June 27th. If your devices are configured to connect to the Eduraom network you should experience minimal disruption. However, due to the size of the building and the extended period of time required to replace all the equipment, you may need to occasionally reconnect as your device may see both the old and new networks simultaneously.

If you experience any disruption that is not easily resolved, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 216-397-3005 or servicedesk@jcu.edu.

We appreciate your patience as ITS strives to maintain and improve the quality of the JCU services it supports.

Information Technology Services