September 21, 2022 ALL

“Discomforter”-Sexual Abuse Awareness Quilts

“Discomforter” is a series of art quilts created by fiber artist Ruta Marino dealing with the subject of sexual assault. Mrs. Marino is also the Administrative Assistant in the Psychology Department and Exercise Science & Sports Studies Department. The exhibit uses traditional quilts, usually a source of comfort and ease, as a contrasting framework to share victims’ memories of their shattering experiences.
Combining the traditionally comforting media of a handmade quilt with the explicit words of sexual violence creates a shocking contrast, as does sexual violence within the supposedly safe context of a friendship or family. The hope is that these quilts offer comfort to survivors of sexual assaults and acknowledge the painful experiences they suffered. But they are also meant to offer discomfort to the perpetrators and to open the eyes of those who haven’t yet realized the extent and circumstances of these crimes. The quilts are on view on the Dolan Eastside third floor hallway until September 27th.