September 21, 2022 STU

Save the Date! Spring Break 2023 to Italy

Come to a meeting on Wednesday 28th of September in OC 112 at 2pm (free period).
Want to spend Spring Break in Rome? Earn ECG credit and take IC 164 Italian Literary Parks—students will learn about Rome during and after the fascist regime, during industrial reconstruction, and during the prejudice and social contrast developing among younger generations. The course will include a visit to the ‘Eternal City’; students will leave March 2nd and return March 12th 2023. The cost is to be announced.

Interested? Contact Dr Santa Casciani at, (216) 397-4394, or make an appointment to visit her in her office at OC 129. You can also contact Ms. Melanie Hahn at, (216) 397-4320, or make an appointment to visit her in the Office of Global Education B10.