October 12, 2022 FAC/STAFF

Supporting Working Parents at JCU

Any parent will tell you raising children truly takes a village. And many rely on their fellow working parents for community and support. JCU’s Working Parent and Guardian Employee Resource Group (WPG ERG) works to help ensure all working parents and guardians at JCU feel welcomed and supported.
If you are new to JCU or find yourself in a parent or caregiving role and would like to be involved in a supportive at-work community, please consider joining the JCU WPG ERG. Please complete the Google form found here to indicate your interest in joining this group: https://forms.gle/1QXw3rHo4TqoHtMA8
How does the JCU WPG ERG foster community?
• Host networking events to help members meet other working parents, such as morning coffee chats or lunch-and-learn events
• Facilitate presentations or roundtable discussions with working parents on work-life balance and prioritization
• Invite guest speakers to host talks on mental health, mindfulness, resilience, and other topics ERG members are interested in
• Plan events for families and children (like our upcoming Santa visit and Christmas craft)