October 13, 2022 FAC/STAFF

JCU Office “Boo’ing” – Join the Fun!

“Boo-ing” is a new tradition that some neighborhoods practice around the fall holidays. For the second year, Staff Council is bringing it to JCU! The idea is to surreptitiously leave goodies, decorations, and small seasonal gift items for a specific office without being seen. Sign up with your department to “Boo” another office over the week of October 24-28. Deadline to sign up is Thursday, October 20 at noon. Sign up here: https://forms.gle/Fz2di9ccQWhZj8tbA
All departments that sign up will be assigned a “Boo” designee and will be informed of the match on Thursday, October 20 by 5pm. But watch out – your office will be “Boo’d” in return! Call x6233 with any questions.