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Today: A.C.E.S. – Climate Change Literature featuring Debby Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022 | Noon (Eastern)
Hosted on the Zoom platform. Open to all members of the JCU Community.

What is climate change literature? Cli-fi is a growing genre of fiction that addresses themes of climate change and global heating. Cli-fi concerns itself with anthropogenic climate change – that is, how human activity affects planetary change. While sci-fi works often portray other worlds in the distant future on other planets, cli-fi often focuses on a recognizable earth that is threatened, if not devastated, by humanity’s addiction to fossil fuels. This presentation will provide a lively introduction to climate-change fiction and poetry, guide attendees through an example by looking at a piece of literature, and then open the floor to questions you might have about this increasing theme in the literary landscape.

Dr. Debby Rosenthal received her PhD in Comparative Literature from Princeton University. She recently returned from a year researching and writing in London, where she was a Visiting Scholar at King’s College London. A winner of JCU’s Culicchia Award for Teaching Excellence, Dr. Rosenthal is passionate about teaching students about American literature. She is the author of two books of literary criticism, and has published numerous scholarly articles. She is currently writing another book, and editing three more, about climate change fiction.

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