November 18, 2022 ALL

Domestic Cold Water Shutdown 11/23

On November 23rd, campus will be having a cold water shutdown for one of the main water services on campus.  This shutdown will last the entire day.  The cold water shutdown will eliminate the cold water service to Pacelli, the Recplex/SAC/LSC/DeCarlo Building, and potentially Millor.  Millor’s service may remain active depending on if the valve after Millor holds for the repairs to be made.  If not, the main vault meter will be shut down eliminating Millor’s cold water service as well.  The cold water service feeds the district domestic hot water system meaning new domestic hot water will not be able to be made.  Domestic hot water will be limited during this time at Pacelli, Millor, Bernet, Boler, St. Ignatius, and O’Malley.  Please contact 4313 if you have any questions.