January 23, 2023 FAC/STAFF

Grant Writing Support for Faculty

Attention faculty: Whether you are currently seeking funding, plan to in the future, or need help in any capacity with grant writing, you should be attending CUR Dialogues 2023 virtually! Watch pre-recorded updates from federal agency program officers and other funders. Then, get the chance to chat with them live during question and answer sections.

Whether you are writing a grant proposal, navigating the ins and outs of finding funding for your undergraduate research (UR) program, or just trying to figure out where to start, the entire process can feel like climbing a mountain. CUR Dialogues provides an opportunity for the UR community to discuss the many available possibilities of funding and grants with grant experts, federal agency program officers, and other grant funders.

More information about CUR Dialogues: https://www.cur.org/what/events/conferences/cur_dialogues/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=InformZ&_zs=uMeBb&_zl=r1VP3

If you are interested in attending CUR Dialogues, please contact Erica Kennedy, Director of Sponsored Programs at ekennedy@jcu.edu.