February 6, 2023 STU

The History Club & Esports Club Joint Meeting

On Thursday February 9th, 2023 the JCU History Club will be having their first collaboration with the Esports Club on campus. We will be hosting a History of Mario Kart/Nintendo Kahoot and a Mario Kart Tournament from 5pm-8:30pm in the Esport Lounge in the Dolan Science Center. This will be a free event with the capstone at 50 people! We will also have some fun extra things to do for those who do not make it into the final competition. There will be some great prizes from each portion of the event and a giveaway!

Kahoot –
$25 Amazon gift Card

Tournament –
1st- Limited Edition Esport Shirt ($25 giftcard – Amazon)
2nd- Limited Edition Esport Shirt ($15 giftcard – Amazon)
3rd- Limited Edition Esport Shirt ($10 giftcard – Amazon)

Those who respond on the registration form will be automatically entered into a giveaway for limited edition Esport shirts. We will be giving away five of them and will be handing out stickers as well!

Here is the registration form: https://forms.gle/3SRaVNDr5vPkXxEn7

Once we are closer to the event we will update our ability to accept walk-ins but they will not receive a free entrance into the giveaway!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:
Aaron Harper (History – President): aharper25@jcu.edu
Andrew Chiappetta (Esport – President): achiappetta25@jcu.edu
Kerry Kelly (History -Vice President): kkelly26@jcu.edu