February 9, 2023 STU

Contemplation Retreat!!


This retreat focuses on the Contemplation to Attain Love found at the end of the
Spiritual Exercises. Following Ignatius’ lead, we contemplate how Christ (1) gives, creates, and redeems; (2) how he dwells within his creation; (3) how he labors within that creation; and (4) how all that creation abides and finds its home back in its ultimate source: God. Such themes as gratitude and finding God in all things serve as the backdrop to this retreat, as well as Ignatius response to God’s love: the Suscipe Prayer.

This retreat is open to ALL students of all faith backgrounds; NO prior retreat experience is required. The retreat is led by a team of students and offers large and small group experiences, group building activities, times of reflection, communal prayer experiences, and free time.

Come find God in all things!! Sign up here!!! https://johncarrolluniversity.wufoo.com/forms/r1ik237m0cgbr1q/?fbclid=PAAaa9xhKdY4Tvr0P6Uh4Kp0Gq-bR9FbVnjFjvnt7M8KXHqMMyywC5Kam8E8g