February 13, 2023 FAC/STAFF

Today: Using ChatGPT as a Learning Tool

Join Tom Pace, Associate Professor of English and Director of First-Year Writing, for this month’s Writing Across Carroll workshop:

A Brave New World: Using ChatGPT as a Learning Tool
Tuesday, February 14
12:30 -1:30 pm (BR 33 and Zoom)
Lunch will be provided!

Registration link: https://forms.gle/rJkzJYsSNqKmMEMZ8
Zoom link: https://johncarrolluniversity.zoom.us/j/95517244442

The first WAC workshop of the semester will explore the issue on everyone’s mind: ChatGPT. We will explore how to use ChatGPT as a learning tool for both students and instructors and begin to work through the thorny question of “How can we use ChatGPT appropriately and ethically without preempting student learning?”

This is a peer-to-peer workshop, focusing on sharing ideas and challenges. The workshop will take place both in-person and remotely via Zoom. Please be reminded that the workshop is designed to be interactive and so attending in person will provide a better opportunity for interaction.